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Allergy Alert Test (AAT) and Treatment Suitability Policy

At The Escape, customer safety is our main priority.  For your safety, and peace of mind, we have a robust Allergy Alert Test (AAT) Policy, ensuring we follow manufacturer and industry guidelines. 


Allergies and reactions to hair colours and beauty products can be serious, and in severe cases, can even be life threatening, and we therefore take allergy testing very seriously.  No service that requires a test can be carried out under any circumstances if an AAT has not been correctly carried out, and no reaction has taken place. 


We encourage customers to let us know at any point if they have any concerns, or any reason to believe their situation may have changed, or they may require additional testing for any of their treatments.


Full details of the policy for each appointment type can be found below.  Please bear in mind, that there may be certain situations where we may need to perform additional, or more frequent testing than is detailed. 


We have also introduced 'screening calls' prior to our appointments where an AAT has already taken place, and is still within the manufacturer's specified limit.  This is to ensure that any additional AAT's that may be needed, can be booked in prior to the appointment.  This particularly applies if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or had a vaccine since your last appointment.  For certain appointments, text messages will be sent, so that customers can let us know if any of the risk indicators apply.  More information can be found here.

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